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Website Design
Creativity is a mental and social process involving the discovery of new ideas, concepts and new associations of the creative mind between existing ideas and concepts. Creativity is fueled by the process of either conscious or unconscious insight.
Making you look good, makes us look good!
A television commercial is typically less than 30 seconds.   You’ve got less time than that to attract the attention of an on-line customer.  If your website doesn’t have a visual appeal, requires a library card to read...your in trouble. The customer is only a click away from gone!
Our design philosophy is simple: Display exactly what you need to convey your message in a concise, informative manner with a visual style that is memorable.  Your website is a short story about your business.  Green Bay Websites will tell your story.
Website Design & Hosting Website Rebuilds Email Accounts & Support Domain Name Acquisition PC Tech Support *Free Updates & Changes CMS Setup & Hosting Search Engine Optimization Website Stat Tracking Logo Design
*For the length of your hosting with Green Bay Websites, we will perform free updates and changes to your website for the following categories: All company contact information including addresses, phone numbers, contact personnel, changes in listings, and email accounts. Photo gallery image changes and updates as needed pertaining to company operations that do not incur a new layout design for the site.  Any changes needed that have a direct effect on your business will be performed, within reason, according to honest and fair business practices. DESIGN QUESTIONS?   TECHNICAL QUESTIONS? ASK US!  Changes reflecting layout design, page additions, etc. may incur a small fee.