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Yes, these are actual customer comments!
“Over two 4 years ago, I quite accidentally met James Carver by doing work for him and his wife in their home. I am in the carpet cleaning business.  I work with my single employee, Steve. We have worked together for fifteen years. While I was cleaning the carpet at James' home, I heard some keyboard "tapping" going on in his office, and asked him what he did.  He replied, "website building", and I said we needed to talk. Since that time, James has built me a very fine website.  I like the way we connect.  He has laid out what I wanted in the site in a very concise manner. I would recommend him to anyone except a local carpet cleaner :)” Chuck Turner  / Turner Carpet Cleaning
March 5, 2012 To Whom It May Concern, I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for James Carver. Six years ago we hired James to develop our company website – www.jcsanty.com. To date, he is still our current web developer. During those years, I have worked with James on various tasks related to growing our business via web design and business marketing strategies. James is always punctual and results focused. He has demonstrated artistry and expertise in his work time and time again. Perhaps the most important quality J.C. Santy Construction LLC values in James is his dependability and outstanding work ethics. I highly recommend James and I can be reached at 822-5213 if you would like to discuss his qualifications further. Warmest Regards, Lisa Matuszak   Office Manager   J.C. Santy Construction LLC
James, “Just wanted to say thanks for helping me/us with that flash video.  The prototype you provided put our designers on the right track to solving the problem.  Please accept the enclosed as a token of my appreciation!”             Jason / Ezine @rticles
James, Your creativity seems unlimited, I especially love what you did with the Bedroom Nightscapes Website...very origional, where do you come up with this stuff?   R.DOYLE, North Carolina
“A customer told us that if our company’s work was as nice as our website, we must be very successful!” Kim Vandenberg, Kim Vandenberg Builders, Inc. March 2006
“We love it, much better than we expected.” Thank YOU! Body Crafters Auto Body, Brodhead, WI.
“Our website looks like a peice of artwork!” moldenhauerlandscaping
J.  When you said you had to design a site that combined Greek Art and Nutrition, I was thinking...”WHAT”?  Somehow you pulled it off and it works.  ANDY (you know who I am)
James, I just wanted to take a moment to get back with you and say “Thank You” once again for all your help and hard work in designing my new website.  Just want you to know I am very proud of it.  Below is a short letter – which I am sure you can cut and paste and put in a word document in case any potential clients want a reference from a satisfied client.
Dear James,   It has been almost a month now since you provided me with my new website.  All I can tell you is that my new website is fantastic.  I really like they feel and look of my new website and all of that is do to your efforts and creative design work.   Shortly after launching my new website I notified several of my long term clients that I had a new website and asked them if they would take a moment to visit it and share their opinions with me.  Every comment that I have received thus far has been positive.  Below is a sampling of some of  the comments I received.       The Better Public Officials website is excellent. It is laid out simply and so easy to navigate.       Gabe. you new website has a good professional look; its not a daunting appearance and it offers good information.       WEBSITE - looks great! Loved the amount of photos they all caught my eye :)       Gabe, your website looks good. Thanks for putting all those photos on it.  Its so easy to follow.     James, as I said when I initially contacted you I really had no idea of what I was looking for.  All I wanted was a website that encapsulated the spirit of what I was trying to convey. What impressed me most about working with you was that even though I was unsure of what I needed you took time to listen to my desire – allowed me to share my vision - worked around my schedule, ensured I stayed within my budget then ultimately fulfilled my needs by providing me with a great website.    Should I ever need another website I am coming directly to you. If you ever need a business reference from a “very” satisfied customer don’t hesitate to give out my name. It was a pleasure to work with and I wish you the best.   Sincerely,   Gabe Gabrielsen, OEO Executive Director Local Government Resources 800,274.7757 www.betterpublicofficials.com