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Green Bay Websites will not support any questionable materials, to include profanity, pornography, deceptive or defamatory information regarding individuals or other entities. Green Bay Websites will provide below market value web design, 1 free year of hosting, including updates and changes for clients that remain with Green Bay Websites for not less than one year. Clients that opt out of our services within one year may be subject to hosting fees and site modifications based on an hourly rate up to the point of separation. Design, graphics and images created by Green Bay Websites is not to be transferred to any 3rd party in the event closing, selling or leasing your business unless a prior arrange- ment has been agreed upon, and or all intellectual property rights have been signed over to relevant parties. It is the position of Green Bay Websites that each client is responsible for the content on their website and thus Green Bay Websites will not be liable for any misrepresentation, misleading or otherwise questionable content.   This is to include false promises or statements made by the client or the clients business, copyrighted articles, imagery, leeching, videos or any content deemed as an infringement by third parties. Example: Client has an embedded blog, facebook feed, twitter feed..etc. on the website.  Another user posts illegal content to the blog, feed, etc.  Green Bay Websites, upon discovery of the content will immediately remove the offending materials, not to exceed removal of the embedded page itself. Green Bay Websites reserves the right to cancel services at any time for violations of any of the above. Spam Policy: It is the duty of each client to police their email accounts for security and to prevent spam.  Any email accounts discovered to be used in any connection with spamming, or unsolicited bulk email schemes will be suspended immediately. Questionable Communications: Should a client receive any questionable correspondence regarding their website.  Please forward this information to Green Bay Websites for review. Example:  Domain Registry of America This company sends domain renewal notices to clients, in the appearance of a bill, requesting $60 to prevent your domain from expiration. This has resulted in many customers paying this alleged bill and in the process loosing control of their domain. Design Quotes: Green Bay Websites will give an initial design quote to new clients, however, this does not include additional materials or content added by the client AFTER the build process.  Initial quotes do not include 3rd party input, such as custom programming, or unforseen or “on the fly” ideas or concepts suggested by the client during the design process or after the initial build. Example:  1.Client states purpose and content of web design, then later begins adding additional materials outside the initial consultation.        2. Complexity of the website design increases due to un-forseen circumstances, unknown to the designer during the website planning phase. Any additional design costs will always be discussed with the client prior to additional work, and there will never be any “surprise” invoices or charges. Non-Responsive Clients: At times, Green Bay Websites may perform additional work or remodels for a current clients site prior to receiving payment for services in good faith. Green Bay Websites reserves the right to discontinue services for a client that becomes non-responsive to phone calls, emails, or other attempts to collect for services rendered, or time allotted to work on their service request.     Green Bay Websites already offers pricing well below our competitors, and this policy is to protect Green Bay Websites from loss, and to ensure we can continue to offer our clients the best design and hosting prices possible.
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